Why A VA Loan?

As you become more familiar with the VA Home Loan Program, you will realize how little “red tape” is involved in obtaining a VA loan. VA loans are made with no down payment, and the seller is permitted to pay closing costs. The rates on VA loans are better than other loan options, and VA loans have no costly monthly mortgage insurance charge.

Our site offers a quick comparison between VA loans and FHA or conventional financing by clicking the following two links... VA vs. FHA, and VA vs. Conv. We encourage you to learn about VA loans before getting Pre-Qualified with us.

Pre-qualifying for a VA Home Loan is slightly different than other mortgage programs. The two major differences are the Certificate of Eligibility (COE), and the VA appraisal. The lender can assist you with obtaining your COE, and they will request the appraisal on your behalf through the VA’s appraisal ordering venue. Choosing a lender who is approved under the VA’s LAPP program, such as us, is very important. This helps speed the underwriting time because the lender doesn’t have to wait for the VA to examine the application and appraisal. Once you have made the decision to go with a VA loan, here are the steps to take.

Four Simple Steps to Obtaining A VA Loan

  1. Request your Certificate of Eligibility (COE).
    You can order you COE by printing out VA Form 26-1880, and mailing the completed form to the VA’s eligibility center in Winston-Salem, NC., with copies of your discharge papers or a Statement of Service if you are still on active duty.
    A better option is to ask your lender to obtain your COE on your behalf. VA approved lenders have direct access to the VA’s online “ACE” system, and the lender should be able to obtain your COE in a few minutes, saving you time and simplifying this step.
    important *You may click here to begin the process of obtaining your COE with VA Loan Place. One of our VA specialists will contact you right away to get started.
  2. Get Pre-Qualified for your VA Loan.
    To speak to a professional VA specialist about taking the next step for pre-qualification, please click here and complete the prompts and a member of our staff will contact you right away to discuss your options.
  3. Select the home you wish to purchase.
    Your lender has determined the loan amount you have been Pre-Qualified for. You will need to find a home for that amount or less, and present a written offer to the seller. If your offer is accepted, a sales contract will be drawn up detailing the terms.
    If you would like to minimize the amount of out of pocket expense, you may wish to ask the seller to pay some or all of your closing costs. Your lender can provide you with a closing cost worksheet that will be helpful in properly structuring your offer. More useful information about this can be found on our site by clicking the link VA closing costs.
  4. Close the loan and move in to your new home!
    Provide the lender with your sales contract, and have an inspection done on the property. Your realtor, if you have one, can assist you with ordering an inspection. The lender will then order your appraisal through the VA, underwrite your loan, and coordinate the closing with you.

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