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Why VA Rates Are Better With a VA Guaranteed Loan

VA Loan Rates Helped by the Government, Saving Borrowers Money

One of the biggest advantages of a VA loan is the loan is partially guaranteed by the US government. This guaranty is often referred to as a veteran’s entitlement. VA Lenders know that if the loan goes into default, they will not suffer as large a loss. Since the risk is less, the VA loan rate is normally lower than with conventional products not backed by the government.

VA Loans Have No Monthly PMI

When you factor in that VA Loans do not require PMI the savings are even greater. PMI is a monthly premium charged on most other loans if the borrower does not make a down payment of at least 20%. Depending on the loan amount, it can add up to hundreds of dollars a month. Once again, since VA loans are backed by the government, PMI is not required. Here are some examples to demonstrate the high cost of PMI you will avoid with high cost of PMI you will avoid with your VA guaranteed loan.

VA Loan - Estimated Monthly PMI Savings

Conventional Loan Amount Monthly PMI Savings
$400,000 $312
$100,000 $78
$150,000 $117
$200,000 $156
$250,000 $195
$300,000 $234
$350,000 $273

What These Savings Mean To You

Low Rates and no PMI give you more buying power, enabling you to purchase a nicer home for the same monthly payment. Since VA loans also require no down payment, it also saves you a bundle upfront. Many people think that VA loans are more difficult to process. The VA Loan Place works exclusively with VA mortgages, and has streamlined the VA application process. Customer service is our top priority, and seamlessly helping you obtain a VA mortgage is our number one goal.

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