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Welcome to the VA Loan Learning Center. We hope you will get a good overview of the VA Home Loan Program, how it works, the requirements for eligibility, and the distinct advantages a VA Loan offers compared to other loan types.

Good idea Be sure and visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to commonly asked questions regarding the VA Home Loan program.

Why a VA Loan?

Our site addresses that question. You can read about the advantages of a VA Loan here... Why a VA Loan?. In addition, we offer a comparison between a VA Loan and FHA or Conventional financing by clicking the following two links... VA vs. FHA, and VA vs. Conv. We encourage you to learn about VA Loans before getting Pre-Qualified with us.

Am I eligible for a VA Loan?

There are several factors to consider in determining if a veteran or active-duty service member is eligiible to take advantage of their VA Home Loan benefit. Eligibility is based on the veteran’s length of service. Has the VA issued you a Cerificate of Eligibility (COE)? These topics are discussed at length on the following pages... VA Loan Eligibility and VA Loan Requirements.

I have my COE, are there other requirements for eligibility?

Yes, once the VA has verified your service record and issued your Certificate of Eligibility, or the lender has verified this on your behalf, you must meet the credit, debt-to-income and residual income requirements set forth by the VA. You can get a quick overview on the following pages... VA Loan Credit Guidelines and VA Loan Income Guidelines.

What is the VA Funding Fee, and do I have to pay it?

The VA Funding Fee is required by law. The fee is charged to veterans to enable them to contribute to the cost of their VA Home Loan benefit and thereby help reduce the cost to taxpayers. The amount of the fee is based on a percentage of the loan amount. In some cases, the fee is waived, such as cases where the veteran or active-duty service member is collecting benefits from the VA due to a service-related disability.

More details can be found on our website on the VA Funding Fee page.

What types of loans does the VA guarantee? Is the program just for first-time homebuyers?

The VA Home Loan Program is the best program available for first-time homebuyers if you qualify. In addition, eligible veterans and active-duty service members can use the program more than once, to purchase a home, refinance an existing VA loan, and even refinance a non-VA guaranteed loan such as FHA or Conventional into a VA loan.

More details can be found on our website on the VA Loan Programs and the First Time Homebuyer pages.

What are the costs involved in obtaining a VA Loan?

As with any type of loan, there are certain costs involved in obtaining a VA Loan. The VA limits the closing costs that can be charged to a veteran by disallowing certain fees.

A complete overview of the fees that are allowed and certain fees that are not allowed to be charged to the veteran on a VA loan can be found on our website on the VA Closing Costs page.

The VA Home Loan program sounds like a great deal. How do I get started?

Call and speak to one of our VA loan specialists today. The toll-free number is (866) 704-2826. You can also complete our safe, secure online request form. There is no obligation to you, and no cost to Get Pre-Qualified. You will be contacted by VA loan specialist who will assist you with each step from start to finish.

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