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We Are In Business to Serve Those Who Served For Us...Our Veterans

Our company is based in Plano, Texas - The VA Loan Place has helped thousands of veterans, active-duty personnel, and their families all across the the country understand and use their VA Home Loan benefit.

Chris Moore
Chris Moore
Branch Manager / Specializing in VA Loans
NMLS ID: 58873
Office: 972-218-0891
Cell: 214-334-6159
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Our Staff Makes the Difference

Our representatives know VA Loans - The first time you speak to any of our employees, we think you will be impressed with their knowledge of the VA Loan program. Unlike big banks and mortgage brokers, whose employees may only do one or two VA loans a year, our VA specialists work with thousands of veterans a year, and we think you will notice a difference. It’s always good to work with an expert in their field.

Personalized Service

You’re more than just a number to us - Unlike big banks, which sometimes pass customers from department to department, you will work with the same VA specialist from application to closing. We treat people like we expect to be treated, and look forward to you becoming a friend, not just a transaction.

We Make the Process Easy

Technology that saves you time - Times have changed since the first mortgage was taken out many years ago. We know you’re busy. We have processes in place to streamline your loan every step of the way. From online application to digital signatures, we think simpler is better. No need to take off work and drive across town several times, with VA Loan Place, all you need is internet and a phone.

In-House Underwriting

Speeds up the loan process - Each VA loan file goes to a VA underwriter for review and final approval. Our VA underwriters are on site, not halfway across the country. Each of our underwriters also have their VA LAPP designation. This saves time because the VA does not require a review of the loan file and appraisal prior to final approval. It is not uncommon for our files to be fully underwritten the same day they are submitted to underwriting. If you need to close quickly, this is a crucial part of the process.

We Love Serving Veterans; We’re Here to Help

You may not be ready for a VA loan yet; that’s OK - Whatever your particular need, we are ready to serve. You might have questions about the VA loan program for future reference. Maybe you’re currently deployed and just looking for information for later on. If you have credit issues, we can help steer you down the correct path. Income or other qualifying questions? We will give you honest guidance. The VA Loan Place is there to help. Give us a call toll-free at 1-866-704-2826.

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